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 Catch your 
Moles with the Mole Buster

Manufactured by TM Mole Control Co, Mission BC Canada

About Us

My Opa Bert Pulles founded TMMole Controlco back in 1989. With onsite services all over the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland and traps sold as far as New York. In 2020 I took over the manufacturing of the Mole Buster! Letting my Opa enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

Steve with ASJ Mole Control has taken Bert the Mole Man’s name and phone number to ASJ Mole Control. Continuing the great service he has provided for over 10 years.”


Here is the 'Mole Buster' 

Each package comes with two traps, two of our Gotcha indicators and three triggers.

Why choose this trap?


  • It's easy to use. ​

  • Installs fully underground so it's safe to use around children and pets. 

  • Use it over and over, it lasts for years.

  • It's the trap of choice by most pest control & landscaping companies.


Moles like to follow landscaping ties, paving stones, driveways and sidewalks. Learn more on why

These traps work great under all of these spots. The mound at the edge will show you where the tunnel is. Dig down about 10" just as it shows on the instructions and you will likely find a couple of tunnels leading under the sidewalk or driveway. Set the traps as in instructions show or follow steps here.


These traps last for years. You're more likely to lose the triggers or indicators. Trust me, I have lost many over the years. 

We do recommend you tie a string on your trigger to the trap so you don't lose them.  But for those of us who don't like to read instructions. Here we have spare triggers and indicators. 

The Mole Buster is available at most Garden Centre's and Nurseries in the Fraser Valley

If you are looking for a Bulk box or box of packaged Mole Busters

to sell in your store please click here for more information.

Our Partners

If you don't want to catch your mole yourself, leave it for the professional. ASJ mole control is the best in the business. Steve has been working with my Opa Bert for over ten years.

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